Our horses

It is not only the riders that feel right at home at Kröller, the horses are also incredibly well looked after. Our carefully selected Quarter Horses, Criollos and Hutsuls are lovingly cared for in an appropriate environment.

An obedient horse is essential for cowboys to be able to do their work, they must be biddable, react quickly to instruction and easy to handle using only one hand. The horse must be able to act independently and think for itself; have the so-called "cow sense". As their work often takes place in rough terrain, they must also be sure-footed, alert and well balanced.

Western riding is therefore ideal for recreational riders. At the Kröller Riding Hotel you will be riding out into stunning natural landscapes - up to 2,000 metres above sea level - and in the wildly romantic tributary valleys of Gerlos. In both summer and winter!
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