The Horse Whisperers

Here you will find more information about our three horse whisperers.

Renate Wögerbauer
"The good soul at Kröller"

Renate has been looking after the horse and riders' welfare at Kröller stables for 15 years now. She leads the trail rides and of course shares her years of experience with students during riding lessons.

"Kröller Holiday Ranch is the best that Austria has to offer horse and nature lovers!!!"


Judith Kammerlander

Judith got involved in the Icelandic horse scene at the tender age of 5 years. It was only later that she discovered a passion for Western riding and horsemanship. Judith is on maternity leave at the moment and is not giving lessons right now, but is the fairy godmother in the background!

„Working with horses fascinates me anew every day, as does working with children. It is great when you show children how a horse can become your partner, who will stick by you through thick and thin!“.


Christian Kammerlander

Since he was a young boy, horses have played an integral part of Christian's life. As he grew up on the Kröller Holiday Ranch, Western riding became the basis of his equestrian career. During the course of time, he was also influenced by many different disciplines such as natural horsemanship, classic dressage, the double lunge and carriage riding. His main responsibilities are teaching at Kröllers Horse Academy, training horses and leading trail rides.

"Look closely at your horse. They are honest and tell you more than you expect to hear."


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