Horse Academy

As far as we are concerned, communication is the foundation of a successful partnership with horses. This is not taught in most classic riding lessons, which is why we have created our own style of teaching, " The Elementary Horse School". This concept is based on developing a language that horses understand at ground level. This enables both horse and rider to understand each other.
During the initial phase we work on teaching basic skills such as learning how to lead, rein-back, handle individual zones on a horse's body and preparing to ride. The better this communication works, the easier it will be later in the saddle.

General Infos

The Academy is structured in levels, which guide you step by step to achieving greater harmony with your partner horse. Whether in individual lessons or group instruction, ...

Horse Academy for Kids

A great package offer for children aged 8 to 14 years!

The Academy is structured in levels, where kids learn how a horse can become their partner during exciting and ...
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