Horse Academy for Kids

A great package offer for children aged 8 to 14 years!

The Academy is structured in levels, where kids learn how a horse can become their partner during exciting and varied lessons.

The package includes:
Riding lessons in small groups (max. 4 children!). Particular emphasis is placed on riding independently, not riding “one-behind-the-other”. Ground work is also included (proper handling of horses) and lively theory lessons, horse grooming...

At the end of the week, everything the children have learned will be practised once again before being shown off in the form of a small test. Every child will receive a certificate and a surprise gift as a memento of their stay.

Prerequisite for participation in a Level I Course is the ability to ride hands-free at a walk and trot (sitting and rising trot) on the lunge. Corresponding checks take place on Sunday afternoons.

Attention: weekly places are limited! Timely reservation is essential!

Course Content Level I:
  • learning to handle horses properly
  • correct leading
  • lungeing
  • managing easy trails from the ground (not mounted)
  • backing horses both reined and mounted
  • riding at walk and trotting paces

Course Content Level II:
  • free lungeing
  • loading a horse into a trailer
  • riding at a walk, trot and canter
  • managing easy trails in the saddle

Prerequisite for participation in a Level II course is successful completion of Level I. Children who can already ride hands-free in all gaits have the opportunity to participate in an “Entrance test” on Sunday afternoons and complete 2 hours of ground work before directly entering Level II.

Course Content Level III
  • leading from zone 2
  • leading in open areas
  • introduction to lateral work
  • Reining basics (canter circles, simple flying changes at a canter, consequent stop and rollback)
  • cross-country riding

At the end of the week, everything the children have learned during their stay will be shown off in the form of a small test during our closing event. The efforts made and improvements achieved will be rewarded with a beautiful momento from the course.
Instruction is given in small groups of up to max. 4 children. Courses are from Monday to Friday!
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