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The Academy is structured in levels, which guide you step by step to achieving greater harmony with your partner horse. Whether in individual lessons or group instruction, courses, partnered by your own horse or one of our highly trained academy horses - we offer individual lessons, tailor made to meet your personal demands and requirements.

Whatever direction you decide to pursue in equestrian sport - be it pleasant trail riding, sports training or circus lessons, Kröllers Horse Academy is the perfect place to start, or work on existing skills.

You start at Level I, which includes the following:
  • correct leading
  • rein-back on a long rein
  • yield on pressure (systematic build-up of pressure)
  • preparatory riding ground work
  • correct lunging
  • riding all three gaits on a long rein

In Level II you learn:
  • gymnastic floor work including lateral work
  • gathering the horse from the saddle
  • ridden lateral work

These basic skills enable you to participate in many interesting special courses:
  • Practical riding
  • Cow work
  • Circus lessons Parts I and II
  • Safe riding in challenging terrain
  • Liberty dressage
  • Double lunge etc.

Are you and your horse not able to travel? - We can! We are more than happy to hold our courses at a location convenient to you.
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